Monday, October 25, 2010

This is my first week blog reflection to Sir Eric

on the 5th october 2010,our english class was started.

I have met Sir Eric Constantine. I though he just an ordenary lecterur,but my though was wrong. he was the coolest lec i ever me. At first,we introduce our self and then we do the ice breaking. After that,we do singing.
before the class end,Sir Eric give us an assignment about the independents day. it just a short video but i can't download it because my laptop got a problem.
huhu~ =.="
can blame anyone for this problem.

on the 6th october 2010,our second class with Sir Eric.
it was the day to send the assignment and introduce about the independents day. the first who do it is Farah and Amy.
second goes to Rainier and Daus. then the others din't send it and same goes to me.(don't want to talk about that).
After we got our punishement,we do singing and follow the leader dance.
it was crazy but also fun.

from: Saef KYS animation.

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