Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Lama juga la saya tidak buka blog saya..
(It's been so long I din't open my blogger..)
how r u guys?
I'm fine here.. hope u guys will enjoy ur holiday and don't waste it..
sayang tu cuti.. haha~
anyway,have a great day..

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thank you la kau~

semua org mesti akan ckap bnda yg sama.. Kalau salah sikit msti d mrah,dimaki,kena ckap budu,dan mcam2 la..
kalau smpai ssuatu yg bgus,kna blang kta ni tembirang,cri perhatian kunun,dan mcam2 juga la..
bila ckp bnda yg bkan2 pula,lgi la teruk..
Jadi,mana satu yg btul ini?

come on la kawang2,matang la sikit.. jgn jdi bodoh sombong..
bila xda tw,salahkan org..
kalau tidak b'tnya,sndiri akan sesat jalan..
bila senang,lupakan kwn yg prnah tlong,bila sdah ssah,bru mncari kwn tu..
mcm mna bha ini?


Friday, March 25, 2011

Kelmarin dan semalam.. haha~

 New day new life new friends...
Got sticker got it all.. hehe~
Thanks to Athir a.k.a ATHER.. hahaha
and Wan..
for making this sticker for our group..
krazzey Car Society..
Nice alphabet...

BHa,tunggu yang depan lagi bha ini.. comform ni..
Aih~ Sabar..

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Macam mana kita hendak menjadi seorang yang berguna.

Bubut la itu masa sebelum kita tertinggal.Macam orang putih selalu cakap(time is gold or time is money).
Memang macam tiada apa-apa makna,tetapi setiap perkataan itu ada maksud yang tersirat.
Cari la untung sebelum kita rugi.(Kalau tidak berusaha,macam mana mahu untungkan).
Mimpi,kalau boleh buat lah itu mimpi menjadi kenyataan.Jangan la mahu harap atau tunggu orang kasih yang kita mahu kan..
Like some people said(You can't just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream.Just make it happen).
Courage,he who is courageous enough to take risk will accomplish wonders in life.

fikir la bagus2 okey.
semua pun sudah besar panjang,tak kan mahu harap ibu bapa kasih makan kamu sampai tua kan..
renung2 kan..


My art work

This is just my simple work..
but it still in progress..

If you want to share your art working,just share it okey..
peace yo~

Monday, March 7, 2011

Share It

If you like to draw..
come and share it.. I know you guys have talent in art..
Don't be shy..
I like to see people drawing..


Junk stars are the stars of glittering dreams

I! WANNA! I WANNA BE! (1, 2 ,3 ,4)

The world is stained black
Even though our breath remains white
I wonder what has changed for us, since the day I promised I'd go to crush the here and now

In the corner of the night's car junkyard
a voice, screamed to the extent of insanity,
blew through without a sound
Even so, listen to my story
Surely you still ought to make it in time

I WANNA BE! together with
ghastly pale despair
By making a scream, pierce through it
Before everything changes



On a winter's night that one kid jumped down
It was the wrong freedom it jumped down
Without even understanding
what the heck evil really is,
That foolish me somehow admired that child

Since then a lot of time has already passed
And even though I've certainly lived by myself up till now,
I still don't understand anything!
You have taught me softly
Even the true meaning of eternity

I WANNA BE here!
Notice it, because I'm here
For what purpose am I what kind of person?
Teach me, because I'm here

I WANNA BE singing and yelling
a song of burning passion,
our song of hope,
which won't despair of reality

I WANNA BE born on the star of dreams,
Then I ought to make it in time
By riding on tonight's blowing wind,
Let's go find the succession of this!

Let's go Let's go Let's go Let's go 
Let's go Let's go Let's go Let's go 

I WANNA BE, is it audible?,
Staying here!

who says?

Who says car can't be transform into dead racing car?
Can't wait to see Transformers 3 Dark of The Moon.
You must see the trailer on youtube,it was awesome.

Let's Dance

never give up in break dance if you love it~
just feel the bit..

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Where should I go? I'm seperated from you
Now, I asked the time, that has passed
I dreampt of journeying into the too long night
Gazing up at the sky of a foreign land, I embraced loneliness

Flowing tears accumulate on the winds of time
I feel your unending sigh

Dry your tears with love
Dry your tears with love
[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/x/x_japan/tears_english_version.html ]
Loneliness, your silent whisper
Fills a river of tears through the night
Memory, you never let me cry
And you, you never said good-bye
Sometimes our tears blinded the love
We lost our dreams along the way
But I never thought you'd trade your soul to the fates
Never thought you'd leave me alone

Time through the rain has set me free
Sands of time will keep your memory
Love everlasting fades away
Alive within your beatless heart

Dry your tears with love
Dry your tears with love

Flowing tears accumulate on the winds of time
The unending sadness changes into a blue rose

Dry your tears with love
Dry your tears with love

Flowing tears accumulate on the winds of time
The unending sadness changes into a blue rose

Dry your tears with love
Dry your tears with love

Forever Love

I'll never walk alone again, the winds of time are to strong. 
Ah, it's that what you hurts, which you'll have to live with... 
Ah, this tight embrace, and this burning, unchanged heart. 
In this ever changing time, love will never change. 

Will you hold my heart? Stop flowing tears. 
Again, all of my heart is broken.... 

Forever love, forever dream 
Only flowing emotions,bury this intense, 
trying, meaningless times. 
Oh tell me why ... all I see is blue in my heart. 

Will you stay with me? Wait until after the wind passes,
all my tears are still flowing... 

Forever love, forever dream Stay with me like this. 
Hold my trembling heart in the dawn. 
Oh stay with me... 

Ah, everything good seems to be ending, 
in this unending night.
Ah, what else would you lose if nothing at all matters. 

Forever love, forever dream, stay with me like this. 
Hold my trembling heart in the dawn. 

Oh will you stay with me... Until the wind passes, 
stay with me again. 

Forever love, forever dream, I'll never walk this path. 
Oh tell me why, tell me true, teach me how to live. 
Forever love, forever dream, within flowing tears 
Bright seasons will forever change again and again .... 
forever love... 

I want this~

Creative Recreation


Hidup ini,memang penuh dengan cabaran..
Macam lah saya juga,selepas dari KYS,pindah lah ke
PTPL.. walaupun banyak orang cakap PTPL itu tidak bagus,saya tidak kisah okey?

Walau macam mana pun,anda kena bahagia dengan hidup anda sekarang walaupun ia teruk atau tidak..
teruskan usaha mu~

Friday, March 4, 2011


so many days,so many hours.. life most go on,no matter what happens..
we must keep going..
there is no turning back...