Friday, October 29, 2010

The 4th week of blog reflection

on the 4th week of our class started as usually,we have been given a 2 groups that is the actors and crew mmber..
actors must read their script and act with reaction.the crew is being doing for costume design and find some music for our background song.
after that,the five people that Sir Eric selected including me.
we going to 1b just now to hear some experions from other blogger that how to make money and other stuff.
on Saturday we gonna have paintball challenge to all bloggers and have a dinner with them.
got some picture from yesterday,maybe i uploaded it tomorrow or another day.

hope you enjoy reading.
and leave some comment also if you want it to~

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  1. ceh... really nice hor that u all skip class on friday. go 1b then the next day, playing paintball.... HaiHz...