Sunday, November 14, 2010

tha 6th week on blogreflection.

The six week was the most fun day and boring day also. I didn't come to class for two days,because I was not feeling well and that was the day our project begins. We must do flash animation for 3 minutes.
I know it is hard to do,but that's our job to finish it and the same time, we do our drama practice also.
And the drama looking for the rain God I think it been cancel and we must do the spontanies way.
But,we have fu also in class,we got singing and acting..
Yeah~ its cool.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the 5th week on my blog reflection.

our class started as usually,but on Tuesday are no class,because Sir Eric deside to change our time table and on Wednesday we have 3 hour classes.(dont mind that)
we have been learning about how to complaint and speaking in the right way for complaining.
after that,Sir Eric want us to act how to complaint in the right ways and is gonna be the hotel manager,complainer,and stuff management.
it was cool,but still we have no idea we complaint it right or wrong..
on the next day,we continue our musical drama.
i dont to be oberron,but what can do.
and i will try my best to acting the main character.
thank you~

Monday, November 1, 2010

week 4 for blog reflection~

on the 4th week,we have been doing some crazy nest in class.We all act and some the group find some theme songs~.While Sir Eric searching for song and play all the songs,we all the dancing,its fun.
on Friday,me and my friends going to 1B for the b2.0 meeting.Its to all blogger around asia I guest.
We all listen there presentation how to make money on th internet.
We have a great time there.
on Saturday the second meeting is,we all go to Penampang at Area 21 for paintball tournemant.
I get a head shot and 1 on the lutut and paha~ hehe~ =P
our team got 2nd place and Daus team got the 1st.
congrats for them all~ after playing all going home and get some rest for tonight.
At night,all gathering around for our last meeting at Sam Tsui Club.
for the winner blogger is the Indonesian guy.He got RM 10000.
change to rupiah,he is the millionaire at Kalimantan~
and that's all~